My story

First steps


Born and raised in Athens, Greece during the roaring '70s, when alas, the country was under a military dictatorship. I still remember as a kid the Polytechnic uprising, my fear after the Turkish invasion in Cyprus and then the day democracy was restored.
I attended a local private primary school and then entered the public education system in high school. I graduated in 1985 from the 41st Athens Lyceum and was admitted to the Athens University. Meanwhile, I got my certificate of Proficiency in English (Cambridge) and Sorbonne II in French and later in adult life, il Certificato di Lingua Italiana and das Zertifikat Deutsch (equivalent to level B1).
Today, I am fluent in English and German (not) and can survive both in France and in Italy 😜.

First job


As a student, I started working full time in the tourism sector. At first it was the 5star hotel NJV Meridien, then the offices of the Alimos' marina and finally in 1988 the headquarters of the Greek National Tourism Organisation. I was employed in the department of European Communities and Bilateral Relations and later (1995) in the Research Department.
I was lucky enough to work on projects such as the Greek Presidency, the European Year of Tourism in 1990, the Rio de Janeiro Earth Summit and the Community Action Plan to assist Tourism in 1992. I represented the GNTO in European Council and European Commission Working Groups, in bilateral tourism meetings and OECD conferences on tourism and finally I organised the conference "Eurotourism: Culture and Countryside" in 1994 during the Greek Presidency of the EU.
The last 2 years I worked on tourism statistics and market analysis and I was a member of the national committee of the Blue Flags' awards. Most important, I worked for the 3rd CSF programme Tourism-Culture and I was responsible for the subvention of tourist SMEs.



In February 1990 I got my degree! I graduated the Department of Philosophy, Pedagogy and Psychology of the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, majoring in psychology.
Unfortunately, at the time, I did not want any photos from the graduation ceremony, a decision I regret to this day 😩.



In August 1997, a new career path opened! I started working in MOU, the Management Organisation Unit, a state company assisting public authorities in the effective management of EU-funded programmes. Recruited via a rigorous selection system (written exams and a series of interviews), I was seconded from the GNTO to the Support Department of the company.
My role was to provide advisory and technical support to Managing Authorities and beneficiaries implementing EU co-funded programmes and to work on related management tools. My tasks involved a lot of traveling to cities in the countryside and working alongside professionals from various fields, which -in combination with the company's emphasis on training - significantly broadened my horizons.

Major projects


The 2000s was a very productive decade in my field. I worked as project manager within the expert team for minority groups’ projects, I participated in diverse and intriguing projects, such as the MOU recruitment procedures, the study on the beneficiaries administrative capacity, and above all the project with the most effect on society: the 3rd CSF online citizens' information system. was the web site aggregating for the first time under a single platform all projects with a direct interest to the general public. It provided simple access and accurate information of funding opportunities of the 3rd Community Support Framework and was presented as a best practice, i.e in the Telling the story conference in 2008.
I also worked on other tools published by the MOU (Guide on procedures for the preparation of marinas, Guide on organising a Monitoring Committee, Manual to support the operation of socio-medical centres for Romas, Manual to support Publicity and Networking, Managing Authorities' job description) and presented the MOU work and tools in seminars and bilateral meetings.

Changed department


At the end of 2005, I moved to the Communication and Programming Unit. My involvement with the citizens' online system continued until its end in 2009. I got also involved in the project of promoting the CSF best practices and since then I have worked mostly on communication actions and reporting of the MOU activities.
My major project was the portal (extranet-intranet) developed on a sharepoint platform in 2010, intended to connect all the services of the National Strategic Reference Framework and provide a variety of services to beneficiaries and the public. It also replaced the I was assistant project manager of this MOU flagship project and member of a very dedicated MOU team among dear colleagues.
I still work in maintaining and updating portal lists, as well as managing content and developing new workspaces and sites (such as the MOU website in 2012) - obviously, in close collaboration with the IT department. Always trust your IT colleagues, they are your BFFs 😀.

Financial crisis


The crisis affected us all, both personally and professionally - you can find endless publications and media on the subject. Putting it in a very simplistic way, the lack of sufficient funds hindered the work of the public sector and often led us to stagnation. In this context, I continued working in the MOU, in communication, but had fewer training opportunities and less new assigned projects. It has been mostly day-to-day business, with our website, brochures and event management. The MOU expanded the activities in the support of local authorities, driving our communication actions to a new target group - this was at least fulfilling! It was also encouraging to work on updating tools, such as the Managing Authorities' job description or on new tools, such as the data base aggregating and reporting on all projects supported by the MOU teams. I also performed ISO 9001:2015 internal audits and was appointed coordinator of the MOU Diavgeia project (Transparency) task force.

Master of disaster


Sometimes the time is right to move onto a new challenge, to explore a totally new field. In 2015 I was admitted to the english speaking postgraduate studies programme of the Hellenic Open University, Master in Business Administration. A very demanding, still very effective period of three years ended in 2018 after 4 modules, 16 written assignments and a dissertation on e- and open government. During my studies in such a different field compared to my first degree, I met wonderful people, worked under devoted professors - and one very indifferent. Graduation day was one of the happiest in my life! And this time, I got plenty of photographs 😀.
My dissertation -in English- is accessible here.

Got published!


Hard work does not go unnoticed. My master's dissertation "From E- to Open-Government in delivering European Union funds to beneficiaries: the case of Greece" was published by the British Academy of Management! Credits go to my second supervisor for pursuing this, but nonetheless I am honoured and very excited.
You can read the article in the BAM2019 Conference Proceedings (Birmingham, 3-5/9/2019).

New goals


A new year and a new decade rises. New opportunities, new projects, new plans, new joys? At the moment, this website is one of my new goals. What started as a joke, becomes real. Let's wait and see.