Basel 2019

I flew to Basel during the last weekend of October which by a lucky coincidence marked the opening of the city’s annual autumn fair. The sun was shining, the temperatures were mild and the city was bustling with life everywhere, in bars and restaurants, across the river banks and the lanes around the fair.

The Basel airport is actually the Basel–Mulhouse–Freiburg Euro Airport, located in both Swiss and French territory. It serves all three cities and you will see exit signs to three different countries!
Achtung, Achtung: when you fly back home on a morning flight, expect long queues and waiting times for security and passport control.

Basel is relatively small, easy to discover on foot, but it still has an extended tram and bus network. I would recommend the Grossbasel side of the Rhine (Altstadt Grossbasel) for your accommodation, it does not get more picturesque than this! Medieval buildings and small boutiques, ideal for photo shooting.
You can still cross to Altstadt Kleinbasel, wander around and have a drink – beware of your surroundings, otherwise you will find yourself in the red light district (left side when you cross the Mittlere Brücke).

Stay at Hotel Basel – at a perfect location, it provides excellent service, spacious and well equipped rooms and quality cuisine – plus discounts in shops around the area.
Basel boasts around 40 museums and numerous art galleries! Art works are also scattered around the city: the Tinguely fountain, the Grosse Mondleiter, the naked Ritter Georg, the Hammering Man. Have a look at your options at the city’s website.
Definitely visit the Vitra museum (in Germany), but go by bus! Otherwise you may end up wandering for hours across Swiss fields and German small towns!
And definitely visit the Kunstmuseum – head straight to the 2nd floor for a memorable experience of classical modernism (including several Picassos and Magrittes!).

Conclusion? Quickly, pack your bags – do not miss the spring exhibition with works of Edward Hopper! And remember: Basel is among the cities with the highest standards of living. Home to major pharma companies such as Novartis and Roche, biotech and med-tech businesses, it should come to no surprise that Basel-City has the highest per capita income in Switzerland.
Why should you care as a visitor? Well, expect very high prices (comparable to Iceland), everywhere, from accommodation and fine dining to street food and shopping. On the plus side, as a hotel guest, you will get the BaselCard, which allows free use of the public transport network for the entire duration of your stay and entitles you to further discounts in museums.

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