Me, myself and I

Hi, I’m Ivana Doulgerof. I work in communication in the broader public sector.

Life is too short to miss out on experiences. Life is too short to spend time with people who suck. Life is too short to be little. Nice quotes, aren’t they? And then you decide to act on them. So here I am, just a person next door, showcasing the things I have done and what I love doing at the moment: traveling, learning throughout life and sharing experiences with friends.
Having for the first time my own personal website gives me leverage to promote my content, my professional work and skills in my own corner of the Internet – wow! It gives me a platform to connect with the world and to gain control over my story. It remains to be seen where this new project will lead.

Check out my Instagram and my Story pages to know more about Ivana D. and stay tuned!

My wishlist

I am not materialistic. I just have amazing taste and want to share with you my favorite products, design, clothes, accessories, even tools!
Whenever I have a crush on something (or someone?), I will add it here. Some of the listings are indeed wishes, some are available in the market, some are from my private collection, ready to share with you.

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